Village Value

Village Value

STL Village offers members access to a variety of services for one annual fee. Trained and vetted volunteers and vetted, local businesses provide services based on member needs. Examples of how an STL Village membership provides value include:

Transportation assistance: Taxi services can cost $25 or more each way.  With one phone call to (314) 802 0275, STL Village will arrange for transportation for members for things such as: visits to your doctor, hospital or clinic; grocery shopping; church and social activities, etc. at a significant savings.

Health programsCommunity health programs, such as weekly yoga sessions, can cost up to $15 per session.  STL Village will provide a range of health and wellness programs to members, inclusive in the membership fee or at discounted rates.

Home maintenance and repairIt can be hard to find reputable home repair providers that won’t break the bank.  STL Village will maintain a list of reliable, vetted home maintenance and repair service providers.  Many of these providers will offer discounted rates to STL Village members.

Social activitiesSTL Village coordinates monthly happy hours, trips to Busch Stadium, theater productions, concerts, local book clubs, and more.  We do the work so you can enjoy making new friends!

Reduced fee membershipsAs funding is available, STL Village offers assistance to subsidize membership fees for qualified residents. Contact us for more information.

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