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The national Village movement is a response to the overwhelming desire of older Americans to stay in their homes and communities rather than move to an age-segregated facility. The movement began in 2001 with a group of friends in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston who created a plan for themselves and their neighbors that provided the support they needed to stay in their homes and remain active in the community. Today, over 125 Villages have opened throughout the country and just as many are in development. Each is a grassroots organization, initiated by local residents and tailored to the needs of the members.

Villages provide a network of services to members in their own homes through trained volunteers and vetted service providers. Members also participate in a variety of social activities designed around their interests and talents. The word “Village” captures the spirit of neighbors helping each other and staying active together.


STL Village

Community, Connection, Caring. These words describe STL Village, a not-for-profit membership organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of people age 50+ who want to live at home and stay active as they age. We will be the first Village in the greater St. Louis area upon opening in 2014, and our goal is to inspire the development of aging-in-place communities throughout the region. Our founders are residents of the Central West End who envision a welcoming, cross-generational and culturally diverse organization that includes the surrounding neighborhoods. Our members will be part of a community of support, fun and fellowship that empowers them to live where they want with the services they need.

Our membership area includes neighborhoods within the borders of Page Boulevard, Vandeventer Boulevard, Clayton Avenue and Big Bend.

STL Village Boundaries, Map


STL Village is a member of the Village to Village Network, a national peer-support organization with the mission of helping Villages develop and continuously improve their management practices.

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