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July 2015
A Quarterly Publication
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Community.  Connection.  Caring.

Letter from Board Member Emeritus Gloria Gordon

We probably have to pinch ourselves to believe that STL Village has been up and running for a whole year! Bravos to our members, supporters, volunteers and office team!

My main corner in the Village is the Outreach and Recruitment Committee. This leads me to keep an eye on what adults in the second half of life around the country are looking for in terms of quality of life and what the experts think is good for us.

Besides wanting to "age in place," older adults today want

Gloria Gordon, STL Village Board Member Emeritus
to make the most of our longer and healthier lives. We are not interested simply in living longer at the end of life. We do not accept society's rocking-chair stereotype. We want to stay active and part of mainstream society. To do this we want accessible environments, social connections and certain kinds of assistance.

Are we now seeing the beginnings of an elder liberation movement? One that says "no" to ageism and says "yes" to life in the mainstream; a movement to maintain our wellbeing and to keep on growing and contributing in the second half of our lives.

What now gives this conversation a push is the big wave of people born between 1946 and 1964, the baby boomers--now eligible as villagers. They experienced the civil rights and women's liberation movements. That spirit now shows up in the way we are re-imagining our potential at this new stage of life.

There is a lot here to talk about. In the Village movement we can have it all. We have exciting years ahead.

All good wishes,
Gloria C. Gordon, Ph.D.
Member Emeritus, Board of Directors

Dates to Remember

Bellefontaine Cemetery 2 Hour Tour
July 14th, Tuesday
Master guide and bus transportation provided to this historic burial ground.
Meet at the Forest Park Visitors Center at 8:30
$10 for members
$15 for non-members
Reservations Required.
Call 314-802-0275

STL Village presentation
"Aging in Community:
It takes a Village"

July 25, Saturday
Skinker DeBaliviere Community Association
6008 Kingsbury
10:00 am
Free and Registration is not required.

STL Village
Day at the Ballpark

August 16, Sunday
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins
Game time is 1:15 pm
Call 314-802-0275 for more information and purchase tickets.

Please RSVP for any of these activities to: or (314) 802-0275

New Members
  • Lisa Hansen
  • Richard Kalfus

Page 2     STL Village News       July 2015
Spotlight on STL Village Volunteer Ginger Reinert        By Jane Baker
Ginger Reinert and her husband, Mark, moved to their Lindell Avenue condominium 15 years ago. The international décor fits Ginger perfectly. "In an ideal world, I'd travel about 50% of the time," she confides. "I love St. Louis, but my true passion is travel." It shows.

Ginger and Mark Reinert at the
STL Village USO Canteen Party
in November of 2014.
Indeed, travel started at an early age in the form of family moves. Her Dad was a Navy pilot and cross-country family moves happened like clockwork-with at least one move every two years. "There was even one year when I was in three different schools in fourth grade." Despite the numerous moves, she describes her upbringing as largely Texan. Both her grandfathers worked on the Santa Fe Railroad and even today her brother and two sisters see little need to explore beyond its state lines. The house that she remembers most clearly bordered the extensive King Ranch; Hubert's Dance Land, just down the road a pace, brings back teenage memories of seeing Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson before they were famous.

Ginger met her husband while he was training at the naval air station where her Dad worked. They married in 1967, after she graduated from Texas A&I University.
Mark was then sent to Vietnam for a year. Upon his return, the two moved to Chicago where he flew for commercial airlines while she taught Junior High School Literature to seventh and eighth graders in the Chicago public schools.

After five years in the Windy City, they moved to Webster Groves with their two children, son Craig, now an Executive Chef, and daughter, Gretchen, a pharmacy sales rep. Ginger returned to teaching part-time. That's when serendipity intervened. A friend suggested to Ginger that she'd be great in the travel industry; another friend told her about a job opening at Meridian Enterprises. Ginger interviewed, liked the opportunity, and took the job. In fact, she spent the next 20 years there putting together sales incentive programs and tours. Her average tour had 300 people, a challenge in itself. Add to that, transportation strikes and the excitement that only Mother Nature can provide in the form of volcanic eruptions that grounded all air traffic. Her small group of 350 doubled to 700. Do you still think the logistics of your family vacation are trying?

"I loved my job there," she notes, "especially the people I worked with." Her favorite tours include a Mercedes car rally from Geneva to Cannes, cruises down the Nile River and around the Greek islands, and visits to colonial cities in Mexico. In fact, she enjoyed colonial Mexican culture so much that she started up a 50-year hobby of collecting Mexican folk art. If you're ever invited over, be sure to see her vibrantly joyous Mexican room. "That room says a lot about me," she comments.

Ginger retired as their Director of Travel Operations in 1998. Not leaving room for the paint to dry, she accepted a position with Stevens Institute, where she currently serves as Department Head for Tourism and Hospitality Management.
"When you combine all the related businesses, tourism is the third largest industry in the world. It's a field just full of opportunities."

Her experience in travel carries over into her spare time interests and priorities. A voracious reader, she also likes to explore new fields. She's currently taking an audio class on cultural geography and enjoys delving into the spiritual realm. "Being exposed to different areas and cultures of the world really speeds the need for lifelong learning," she remarks. "I also put a high priority on maintaining friendships. That probably comes from being a Navy brat. While my parents were wonderful, it was hard being uprooted so often. I'm really close to my siblings and get together with my high school friends at least every other year."

"I also like meeting new people," she adds. "And I'm delighted that I've met new friends while helping out at STL Village events. It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since we held the STL Village's launch. I admire what this group has put together, and I congratulate everyone, especially Madeline Franklin, on their progress. As an organization, STL Village serves the community well. I look forward to continuing to help out with event planning whenever I can. "

Future plans? Over the years, she and Mark have traveled extensively and lived abroad, including a year in Argentina and six months in Paris. But she's hardly done. Her ambitious bucket list includes trips to China, Indonesia, and India. For now, though, it's enough to go on a summer road trip with their 15 year old grandson, off to the wide open stretches of Montana and Wyoming.

Trivia Question 1
The Eads Bridge crossing the Mississippi River in St. Louis is famous for what?
Read the answer.
"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."
- Anthony J. D'Angelo

Page 3     STL Village News       July 2015
Interview with Village Member Eric Friedman    By Larry Skinner
Most of us appreciate the architectural beauty of the Central West End, but few of us have done as much to preserve the neighborhood as Eric Friedman. When he talks about his achievements and future plans, he becomes infused with excitement and energy.

STL Village Member Eric Friedman
STL Village Member Eric Friedman
Take the Missouri Historic Tax Credit, for example. He says, "No other economic development program has created as many jobs: 43,000, per a St. Louis University study." He was a co-founder of the Historic Preservation and Economic Development Coalition that helped move the program through the Missouri Legislature. The tax credit was an idea of Central West End resident Jerry Schlichter who founded the coalition and wrote the initial legislation.
The first project funded by the Missouri Historic Tax Credit was the renovation of the Chase Park Plaza. The success of the Chase ignited much of the redevelopment as well as new construction in the Central West End. By analyzing sales, developers could see there was a market for new and updated property in the neighborhood.

He has also worked to enhance and preserve neighborhoods where incomes and property values are lower than in the Central West End. As president of Housing and Community Solutions, a not-for-profit organization, he helped develop and secure funding for renovating the historic Winston Churchill apartments on Cabanne and Belt in the Visitation Park neighborhood. In addition, he owns a real estate brokerage, consulting and development company, Friedman Group, Ltd., which he says helps "pay for his work in community and economic development."

His latest initiative is the Broadband Collaborative with a goal of offering affordable high speed broadband to

everyone. Availability of affordable high speed broadband is important because "the digital economy cuts across social and economic barriers." He wants to develop communities by bringing access to affordable high speed broadband to neighborhoods where public transit is or can be made available. Besides the United States needs to "be competitive." Many European countries are already ahead of us in making broadband available to all children and students, a situation that helps improve "educational opportunities and attainment." Given his interest in community development, he was one of the early members of the STL Village. He joined because he believes in "what the village stands for: aging in your own home." And the Village fits into his model of the ideal community by helping people to stay and thrive in a diverse neighborhood with access to public transit, medical care and, maybe one day, affordable broadband.

Trivia Question 2
What is the Climatron?
Read the answer.

Page 4     STL Village News       July 2015
Congratulations, STL Village
You celebrated your first anniversary on June 1, 2015

How proud you must be of all you've accomplished in just twelve months. After two years of creative and persistent planning you blossomed at your launch at the Missouri History Museum on April 12th of last year. Then a few weeks later on June 1st you marked your opening at Scape Restaurant on Maryland Avenue.

Since then you've grown your membership, volunteers, services, activities, and visibility to a point where almost everyone in St. Louis knows of you and understands your mission.

The list of continuing activities you offer to your membership is impressive: from monthly Happy Hours at local restaurants to informative seminars on finances and safety to an outing at the Ballpark to a tour of the Central Library. And there's gardening, poker night, a writing group, even a USO Canteen dance party.

Here's wishing you many more years of successfully helping, educating, and entertaining your membership through community, connection, and caring.
STL Village Activities

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Page 5     STL Village News       July 2015
STL Village Donors List        Fiscal Year 2013-2014

STL Village and its members express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all who so graciously and generously donated to our organization and made our first year possible.

$10,000 and above
Wells Fargo Advisors

Ferring Family Foundation
The W & M Wischmeyer Family Foundation
Wm. & Gina Wischmeyer

Gannet Foundation
Goldenberg, Heller, Antognoli & Rowland, P.C
Dr. Gloria Gordon

Chandler Curlee
Sally & George Nikolajevich

In Kind Donations
(donations of time, resources, and endorsement)
Bar Italia
Better Family Life, Inc.
Brown-Kortkamp Realty
Butler's Pantry
CareLinc Options
Judith Conoyer & Ted Branson
Mary Engelbreit
Heller Studio, LLC
Jackson Piano
Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc.
Missouri History Museum
New City School
Piccione Pastry
St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors System
St. Louis American
St. Louis Public Library, Schlafly Branch
St. Louis University School of Law - Legal Clinic
Washington University School of Law - Legal Clinic
West End Word

Mary Ann Tipton
• Gloria Gordon
Elizabeth Backus
• Gloria Gordon
Lucy Commoner
• Gloria Gordon
T. Maria Allen-Koerner
• Christopher Monck
$999 and under
Age at Home Care
Daniel Alexander
Elizabeth Backus
J. F. & P. A. Baker
Beverly Berner
Sondra Bertz
Mary Jo Blackwood
Thomas Blackwood
Gail Brown
Mary Bruemmer
Gerald & Mary Reid Brunstrom
Karen Buckey
Jon Case
Central West End Association
Karen Clifford
Sarah & Thomas Cohn
Michael Cole
Sidney Cole
Lucy Commoner
Dr. Arthur & Mrs. Nancy Culbert
Frank Dayton
Margo Decker & Margaret Nolan
Bonita Dickinson Dillard
Mary Dinauer
Deborah & Robert Dolgin
James & Nicki Dwyer
Hedy Epstein
Ethical Society of St. Louis
Patricia & Martin Fitzgerald
Anna Forder
Hazel Forster
Beverley Foster
Madeline Franklin
Mary Franklin
Eric Friedman & Miriam Wilhelm
Natalie Galucia
Donald & Gloria Givens
Griswold Home Care LLC
Kenneth Giovanoni
Sharon Giovanoni
Diana & Dan Gualdoni
Margaret Guest
Susan Hanan
Lisa Hansen
Patricia Heller
Stephanie Herbers
Rosie James
Elise Johnson
Arnold & Nina Kaplan
William & Janice Kasalkko
Diane Kruszynski
Marie & Joe Koerner
Jennifer Kovar
Kovar Law Firm

$999 and under
Joyce Kramer
Kenneth & Nancy Kranzberg
Lyda Krewson
Deanna Kuhlmann
Mary Ann Lazarus
Judy Leon
Edward Levitt
Edward Macias
Maggy Malcolm
Jerry McAdams
Susan McCollum
Phyllis McKenzie
Katherine & Edward, Jr. McNamara
John & Constance McPheeters
Opal Meyer
Patricia Midden
George & Debbie Milne
Amanda Murphy
Patrick & Ellen Murphy
Cecilia Nangle
Sylvia Nissenboim
Francoise Olivier
John P. Owczarczak & Wendy Timm
Mary Lee Pankoff
Edward & Lana Pepper
Piccione Pastry
John & Patty Pieper
Linda Pinsker & Mary Lynne Humphries
Mary Kellogg & Bob Powers
Kelly & Tim Powers
Quagga Accessories, LLC
Mark & Ginger Reinert
Mary & John Risberg
Stephanie Riven
Linda & Robert Roell
Mary Alice & John Ryan
Michele Sakamoto
Elizabeth Schlaeger
Annie & Joseph J. Schlafly
Susan Dietz Schmidt
Debra Schuster
Andrew Schwartz
Kara Shaughnessy
Marsha Shepley
Ronald H. Smith
Anneliese Stoever
Lisa Stringer
Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
The Vino Gallery
Mary Ann Tipton
Sherrill Wayland
David Weber
Arlene Zarembka

STL Village News       July 2015     Page 6
List of STL Village Members
Edmund Acosta
Bill Bader
Sheila Bader
Ronald Barrett
Beverly Berner
Sondra Bertz
Mary Bruemmer
Gerald Brunstrom
Mary Brunstrom
Karen Buckey
Dixie Buford
Elmer Burns
Jean Caine
Jon Case
Arthur Culbert
Nancy Culbert
Frank Dayton
Margo Decker
Robert Duffy
Hedy Epstein
Alison Ferring
John Ferring
Anna Forder
Hazel Forster
Eric Friedman
Florence Gaffney
Gloria Gordon
Lisa Hansen
Patricia Heller
Anne Hetlage
Mary Lynne Humphries
JoAnn Isbell
Thomas Isbell
Rosie James
Emma Kafalenos
Richard Kalfus
Martin Kaplan
Mary Kellogg
Joe Koerner
Maria Koerner
Edward Levitt
Ellen Livingston
Jerry McAdams
Phyllis McKenzie
George Nikolajevich
Sally Nikolajevich
Margaret Nolan
Kathryn Paar
Mary Lee Pankoff
Edward Pepper
Lana Pepper
John Pieper
Patrice Pieper
Linda Pinsker
Robert Powers
Mary Risberg
Francine Roden
Sandra Roeder Singer
Ann Rowe
Lisa Satanovsky
Judy Shafir
Lawrence Skinner
Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
Lois Tegethoff
Mary Ann Tipton
Claudette Walker
Melody Walker
Susan Waugh
Gina Wischmeyer
William Wischmeyer
Lois Yatzeck
Arlene Zarembka

Sign up and get involved!
Contact us at:
or (314) 802-0275

Answers to the Trivia Questions
Trivia Question 1: The Eads Bridge crossing the Mississippi River in St. Louis is famous for what?
Answer: The Eads Bridge, completed in 1874 over the Mississippi River, was the first arched steel truss bridge in the world. When it was first proposed, it was scoffed at as impossible to build.

Trivia Question 2: What is the Climatron?
Answer: The Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden, built in 1960, is the world's first climate-controlled geodesic dome designed as a greenhouse. Today, it houses a re-created rain forest.
STL Village is grateful to those among our membership and people from our community who have stepped up to work as Volunteers and Committee Members over the past year.

List of Volunteers
Bill Bader
Jane Baker
Sondra Bertz
Jon Case
Michael Cole
Arthur Culbert
Anna Forder
Hazel Forster
Madeline Franklin
Kathy Gilson
Jim Giovanoni
Diana Gualdoni
Lisa Hansen
Mary Lynne Humphries
Genta Iwasaki
Elise Johnson
Nancy Kollmar
Lee Lamming
Patty Midden
Sally Nikolejovich
Franoise Olivier
Linda Pinsker
Bob Powers
Mary Risberg
Kim Scharff
Lois Tegethoff

Activities Committee
Hazel Forster, Linda Pinsker, CoChairs
Edmund Acosta Florence Gaffney
Ron Barrett Mary Lee Pankoff
Karen Buckey Lisa Satanovsky
Arthur Culbert Claudette Walker
Madeline Franklin   

Development Committee
Sally Nicholajevich, Chair
Arthur Culbert Jennifer Kovar
Jill Fisher Deanna Kuhlmann
Madeline Franklin David Weber

Events Committee
Deanna Kuhlmann, Chair
Dixie Buford Sally Nikolajevich
Jon Case Lana Pepper
Madeline Franklin Giner Reinert
Maggy Malcolm

Marketing Committee
Maggy Malcolm, Chair
Liz Backus Tom Conti
Jane Baker Jerry McAdams
Bev Berner Phyllis McKenzie
Mary Jo Blackwood Pier Scott
Melissa Bradshaw Larry Skinner
Jon Case Brittany Zehr

Page 7     STL Village News       July 2015
Strategic Partners
We wish to acknowledge and thank our Strategic Partners for their generous support.

St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors
A faith-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving seniors in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc.
A nationally known and certified woman-owned, multidisciplinary design firm located in St. Louis that creates fresh, intelligent, appropriate design solutions.
STL Village Leadership:
Madeline Franklin, Executive Director

Board of Directors:
Jennifer S. Kovar, JD,Co-Chair
Sally Nikolajevich, Co-Chair
Arthur J. Culbert, Ph.D., Vice Chair
David S. Weber, Secretary & Treasurer
Edmund Acosta
Gail A. Brown
Mac Findeiss
Malaika Horne, Ph.D.
Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt
Tom Meuser, Ph. D.
Nancy Morrow-Howell, Ph.D.
Mary Alice Ryan
Anneliese Stoever
Gloria C. Gordon, Ph.D., Board Member Emeritus
Natalie Galucia, Ex Officio
New Board Members
• Edmund Acosta
• Mac Findeiss
• Malaika Horne, Ph.D.
• Tom Meuser, Ph. D.
• Nancy Morrow-Howell, Ph.D.

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