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Annual Review
July 2016
A Quarterly Publication
 stl village news

Community.  Connection.  Caring.

Reflections from the
Executive Director

Madeline Franklin, STL Village Executive Director
Madeline Franklin
STL Village Executive Director
Research shows that social isolation is detrimental to the health and welfare of older adults. A primary goal of STL Village is to reduce social isolation by creating community and building relationships. I am pleased to report that STL Village is connecting neighbors to neighbors and providing support and opportunities for older adults to remain active and involved with one another and with their community. Over the past two years, I have witnessed our community grow and evolve.

STL Village has sponsored many innovative educational and cultural programs addressing areas of interests to our members. We have enjoyed each other’s company at our monthly Happy Hours and Coffee Klatches. We have partnered with organizations such as OASIS, St. Louis Public Library, University of Missouri at St. Louis, Washington University and others to provide resources and programs to our members.

Through our volunteers, we have provided assistance to our members that enable them to continue to “age in community”. The services provided to our members include but are not limited to:
  • Round trip transportation to healthcare appointments, grocery shopping, social events, and errands.
  • Friendly visits and telephone check-in calls.
  • Meal preparation and light housekeeping.
  • Technology assistance with computers, telephones, and televisions.
  • Home maintenance, which includes handyman tasks and pet care.
STL Village members and volunteers have been there for one another for birthday celebrations, retirements, illness, and even death. STL Village is continuing to grow by increasing our memberships, programs, and activities.

We appreciate the support of our members, our Board of Directors, our donors, and our volunteers over these past two years because it takes a Village to “age in community”. I am looking forward to year three of STL Village.

Madeline Franklin
STL Village Executive Director

STL Village
2015 - 2016
By the numbers

75 members

34 volunteers

124 services provided

75 activities & events

130 donors

15 new members

Chef Zettl and Jan Schneider
at Souper Sunday, March 13, 2016.

Page 2     STL Village News       July 2016
STL Village
2015 - 2016
Donor List
STL Village expresses its sincere appreciation and thanks to the generous people and organizations in St. Louis who offered their financial support in 2015 and 2016 enabling us to continue to serve our membership and the community.

$10,000 and above
Wells Fargo Advisors
Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc.

$5,000 - $9,999
John & Alison Ferring
Bill & Gina Wischmeyer
$1,000 to $4,999
Edmund Acosta
Sondra Bertz
BJC Health Care
Cannon Design, Inc.
Clayco, Inc.
Arthur & Nancy Culbert
Chandler (Durb) & Ellen Curlee
Gloria Gordon
Key Impact Sales
Ken & Nancy Kranzberg
Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt
Moneta Group Charitable Foundation
George & Sally Nikolajevich
PARIC Corporation
St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System
$999 and under
Elizabeth Backus
Colleen Bailey
Ronald Barrett
Mary Batchelor
Beverly Berner
Mark Botterman
Gail Brown
Jon Case
Thomas & Sarah Cohn
Michael Cole
Lucy Commoner
Wade & Mary Crowder
Frank Dayton
Mary Dinauer
Deborah Dolgin
James Dwyer
Hedy Epstein
Stephen Feman
Renaissance Financial
Robert (Mac) Findeiss
Jill Fisher
Anna Forder
Hazel Forster
Beverley Foster
Madeline Franklin
Natalie Galucia
Kenneth (Jim) & Sharon Giovanoni
John Grizzell
Diana Gualdoni
Lisa Hansen
Virginia Heagney
Gina Hoagland
Jennifer Hodges
Malaika Horne
Jennifer Kovar

Joe & Maria Koerner
Christine Kropp
Robert Sears & Erica Leisenring
Edward Levitt
Martin Schweig & Terrie Liberman
Edward Macias
Maggy Malcolm
Katherine McNamara
John & Connie McPheeters
Tom Meuser & Christy Scheidt
Patricia Midden
Charles & Patti Miller
Paul & Amy Mittelstadt
Nancy Morrow-Howell
Amanda Murphy
Sylvia Nissenboim
Margaret Nolan
Francoise Olivier
Mary Lee Pankoff
John & Patty Pieper
Linda Pinsker/ Send Out Cards
Phil Heagney & Barbara Prosser
John & Mary Alice Ryan
Nancy R. Sachs
Michele Sakamoto
Lisa Satanovsky
Elizabeth Schlaeger
Andrew Schwartz
Bruce & Lily Seymour
Sandra Roeder Singer
Gabriel Sison
Ron Smith
Teg & Francis Stokes
Anneliese Stoever
Zarembka Tang- Martinez & Arlene Zuleyma

Linda Tasi
Mary Ann Tipton
James Tobin
Mark & Jane Tucker
Melody & Claudette Walker & John Barth
David Weber
Harry & Ann Wilson
Lois Yatzeck
Berkshire Hathaway Home Service
Coldwell Banker Gundaker Realtors
DMK Fitness
Philip Johnson Salon
Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company
Ladue Pharmacy
Left Bank Books
Mary Ann’s Tea Room
Millbrook Pharmacy
Parkway Hotel
Promise Mobility
Pulaski Bank
Pyramid Health Coaching
Quagga Accessories, LLC
Renaissance Financial
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
St. Louis Workout
Straub’s Fine Grocers
The Vino Gallery
West End Advisory Group
West Pine Pharmacy

In honor of Margo Decker

Page 3     STL Village News       July 2016
STL Village Members

Edmund O. Acosta
Ronald D. Barrett
Sondra Bertz
Lorrie F. Bielicke
Mary Jo Blackwood
Thomas Blackwood
Gail Brown
Delores Brown
Elisha Brown
Mary Bruemmer
Mary R. Brunstrom
Jerry Brunstrom
Karen Buckey
Dixie J. Buford
Elmer N. Burns
Jean Caine
Arthur J. Culbert
Nancy Culbert
Frank H. Dayton
Pamela Dearing
Sandra Felkner
Alison Ferring
John Ferring
Anna Forder
Hazel F. Forster

Beverley I. Foster
Florence A. Gaffney
Gloria C. Gordon
Lisa K. Hansen
Thomas L. Isbell
JoAn Isbell
Emma Kafalenos
Maria Koerner
Joe Koerner
Mary LePage
Ellen Livingston
Edward Levitt
Jerry McAdams
Phyllis McKenzie
Sally A. Nikolajevich
George Nikolajevich
Margaret Nolan
Rebecca Northern
Kathryn Paar
Edward G. Pepper
Lana Pepper
Linda S. Pinsker
Robert Powers

Mary Kellogg
Mary Risberg
John Risberg
Francine Roden
Carolyn M. Roedel
Valerie M. Rutterer
Lisa B. Satanovsky
Judy Shafir
Lawrence J. Skinner
Patricia Steger
Tegner M. Stokes
Francis Stokes
Zuleyma Tang- Martinez
Arlene Zarembka
Lois Tegethoff
Mary Ann Tipton
Claudette F. Walker
Melody Walker
John Barth
Susan Waugh
Elizabeth White
Norman White
Gina M. Wischmeyer
William Wischmeyer
Lois Yatzeck
STL Village Volunteers

Bill Bader
Jane Baker
Sondra Bertz
Judith Bender
Jenna Burch
Michael Cole
Arthur Culbert
Anna Forder
Hazel Forster
Kathleen Gilson
Kenneth Giovanoni
Diana Gualdoni
Lisa Hansen
Mary Lynne Humphries
Genta Iwasaki
Brittney Johnson
William Kasalko

Mary Kellog
Nancy Kollmar
Lee Lamming
Mary LePage
Felicia McCain
Sally Nikolajevich
Francoise Oliver
Linda Pinsker
Bob Powers
Mary Risberg
Val Rutterer
Kim Scharff
Janice Schneider
Gabriel Sison
Pat Steger
Lois Tegethoff

Diana Gualdoni and friend help out at the
Food Outreach in January, 2016.

STL Village Member Hedy Epstein shares her story with Village members in the library at the Executive House, April 2016.
A Life Inspiring Others: Remembering Hedy Epstein

“Don’t be a bystander.” This is the message that Holocaust survivor and lifelong human rights activist Hedy Epstein imparted to audiences over the many decades she spent sharing her story.

In April, a standing-room only crowd of STL Village members and guests gathered to hear her speak, just weeks before she passed away at the age of 91. Having been spared the fate of her parents and relatives who perished in concentration camps, Hedy spent her life fearlessly and tirelessly speaking out against social injustice wherever she saw it. Hedy was a longtime St. Louis resident and a founding member of STL Village. She enjoyed getting together with other members and attended Souper Sunday discussions, happy hours and other Village events. After her cancer diagnosis, STL Village volunteers provided care and support for Hedy in her home.

She is greatly missed but will continue to inspire.

Page 4     STL Village News       July 2016
Events & Activities
This past year was filled with new activities and venues for member meet-ups. Outdoor excursions, thought-provoking lectures, service projects and neighborhood happy hours are just a few of the opportunities offered each month. Members provide the inspiration; STL Village staff and volunteers coordinate the details. It’s all in keeping with our mission of helping members stay engaged and active — a good recipe for living well Fun and fellowship…That’s a Village!

Social Poker
Happy Hours
Writing Group
Coffee Klatch

Cahokia Mounds
Daniel Boone House
Litzsinger Ecology Center
Wash. U. Planetarium
MO Botanical Gardens
Balducci Winery
In This Corner:Cassius Clay Last
Goddess Antigone

Old Fashioned Picnic
Souper Sundays

Page 5     STL Village News       July 2016
Strategic Partners

We wish to acknowledge and thank our Strategic Partners for their generous support.

St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors
A faith-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving seniors in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

“St. Andrew’s has partnered with STL Village since 2013. We assist by sharing our expertise, connecting the Village to other organizations, serving on the board and providing office space. It’s a natural fit given our experience in senior housing and in-home care. The services of St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions are also available to Village members.”
President and CEO, St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System and STL Village Board Member

Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc.
A nationally known and certified woman-owned, multidisciplinary design firm located in St. Louis that creates fresh, intelligent, appropriate design solutions.

“Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc. is delighted to be a STL Village Strategic Partner. Involved from the beginning, we believe wholeheartedly in the mission and all that the Village has done and continues to do for our community. Aging in place is an ageless endeavor that we are proud to be a part of.”

STL Village Annual Review
A publication of STL Village
6633 Delmar Boulevard, 2nd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63130

Copyright © 2015, All rights reserved STL Village does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran status, marital status, familial status, disability/handicap, or sexual orientation.

Madeline Franklin

Jennifer Kovar

Sally Nikolajevich
Madeline Franklin, Executive Director

Jennifer Kovar & Sally Nikolajevich
Board Co-Chairs

“STL Village is looking forward to a year of engaging events, adding new members, and showing St. Louis that our members and volunteers are a vital resource in the community. We are a loving and courageous village!”

Board of Directors
Jennifer S. Kovar, JD, Co-Chair
Sally Nikolajevich, Co-Chair
Arthur J. Culbert, Ph.D., Vice Chair
Melody Walker, Secretary
Gail Brown, Treasurer
Edmund O. Acosta, Ph.D.
Robert ‘Mac’ Findeiss
Malaika Horne, Ph.D.
Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt
Tom Meuser, Ph. D.
Nancy Morrow-Howell, Ph.D.
Mary Alice Ryan
Anneliese Stoever
Gloria C. Gordon, Ph.D.
Board Member Emeritus Natalie Galucia, Ex Officio
STL Village Office Staff
Sondra Bertz
Diana Gualdoni
Sharon James
Linda Pinsker
Mary Risberg

STL Village Practicum Students
Jeanna Burch, UMSL
Brittney Johnson, UMSL
Felicia McCain, UMSL


Activities Committee
Hazel Forster, Linda Pinsker, Co-Chairs
Ron Barrett
Arthur Culbert
Florence Gaffney
Lisa Satanovsky
Claudette Walker
Edmund Acosta

Board Resource Committee
Tom Mueser, Chair
Nancy Morrow-Howell
Malaika Horne

Marketing Committee
Jon Case, Chair
Liz Backus
Jane Baker
Bev Berner
Tom Conti
Melody Walker

Membership Committee
Mac Findeiss, Anneliese Stoever, Co-Chairs
Mary Jo Blackwood
Sondra Bertz

Community Engagement Committee
Malaika Horne, Chair
Gail Brown
Nancy Culbert
Gloria Gordon
Pam Talley
Lois Yatzeck
Ginger Reinert

Finance Committee
Gail Brown, Chair
Jennifer Kovar
March 5, 2016: STL Village held a Strategic Planning Retreat conducted by Rebeccah Bennett of Emerging Wisdom LCC. Board Members Malaika Horne, Melody Walker, Robert “Mac” Findeiss, Edmund Acosta, and Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt were among the attendees that included Committee Chairs and others.

STL Village News       July 2016     Page 6
Village Finances

STL Village has experienced a steady increase in its revenue over the past two years. Unlike many other not-for-profits, membership dues account for one third of our total annual revenue. Thanks to the generosity of our members, Board of Directors, individuals, and business donors; we have continued to operate STL Village in the black during our first two years of operation.

We are grateful to all of you who supported our first annual fundraiser, Village Aglow. A special note of gratitude is extended to the St. Louis College of Pharmacy for their largesse in allowing us to use their beautiful new facility for this event. With your support, STL Village raised $35,000 from this event to support our operations and member services.

The Board of Directors adopted an operating budget of $78,520.00 for 2016. As a result of the support of our Strategic Partners, St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors and Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc., STL Village has succeeded in maintaining an efficient office operation on a limited budget. In addition, STL Village has been able to subsidize the membership fees for low and moderate income members through our Gloria Gordon Scholarship Fund.

Thanks to the in kind gifts that we have received from our supporters and the over 1000 hours of volunteer services performed by our office staff and volunteers; we have been able to meet the needs of our members and reach out to the community.

Sign up and get involved!
Contact us at:
or (314) 802-0275