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October 2016
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Message from Board Member
Anneliese Stoever

STL Village Board Member Anneliese Stoever
Anneliese Stoever
I have a confession to make: I'm part of the Village Movement. My name is Anneliese Stoever and I joined the STL Village Board in December of 2014.

"You're too young to join the Village!" "What do you know about aging?" "You're on the board!?!" are common comments. These are opportunities to talk about what I do and why.

I learned of STL Village through my work as the Community Programs Manager at the St. Louis Area Agency on Aging. Our agency provides services at no charge, like Meals on Wheels, Case Management, exercise classes, and much more. One day Arthur Culbert asked to meet with a person from our agency, I meet him for coffee, and the rest is history.

I work with adults 60+ because of my Grandma Jane. She had her watershed stroke when she was in her 50s. She was unable to live alone; consequently she would stay with each of her children for a few months at a time. I loved when Grandma Jane was at our house. She loved her Nina Ricci perfume, her seersucker slacks, and her lipstick. She was a nurse by profession, but she loved making others laugh. The stroke took her ability to respond as quickly as she would like, but she was always helping out. She would call herself Aunt Tilly and dust around the house or pull the laundry basket downstairs to do laundry. Grandma Jane volunteered before it was called volunteering. Time with her was filled with funny stories, Days of our Lives, and raisin pie. She would tell us each, "You are my Favorite Grandchild." She made us all feel special.

As I got older, Grandma Jane continued to have strokes and her health worsened until she needed 24 hour care. She went to live in a nursing home in St. Louis. When I was accepted into the Washington University Masters in Social Work program, it was an opportunity to spend time with her. She was in a wheelchair and needed help eating. But she loved holding my hand, picking out her outfit for the next day, and laughing at the stories I would tell her. She was still the same person inside, she just needed help.

I share this with you because we're all aging. We're all looking toward the future. We all want to stay who we are while receiving the help we need. I believe this Village Movement is one necessary piece in the aging services puzzle. I'm part of the Village Movement and I hope you are too.

Anneliese Stoever
STL Village Board Member

Dates to Remember

Our Annual Fund Raiser
Village Aglow 2.0
Oct. 26, 2016 - 6 PM to 8 PM
4240 Duncan Avenue
St. Louis, MO
$75.00 for Village Members
$100 for non-Village Members
For more information and to purchase tickets, go to:

4240 Duncan Ave. Atrium

Excursion to Pere Marquette State Park
Friday, Oct. 21, 10:00 AM
Fall Excursion to Pere Marquette State Park, Grafton, IL. Lunch at the Loading Dock Restaurant.
Members: $20/ Non-members: $25
Registration required.
(314) 802-0275 or

Holiday Potluck Celebration
Sunday, Dec. 18th 4:00 PM
Second Presbyterian Church
4501 Westminster Place
Saint Louis, MO 6310

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Spotlight on STL Village Member Jerry McAdams     By Carolyn Roedel
STL Village Member Jerry McAdams
Jerry McAdams
Jerry was invited to join the Village by his neighbor Sally Nikolajevich and his help has already proven invaluable. "I'm not on a particular committee," he explains. "I'm asked to meetings that deal with the organizational side. I respond when I'm asked", he added. "It's of more interest to me to help with business matters when it's needed."

Jerry McAdams received a Master's in Engineering Management from the University of Oklahoma at Norman, OK. His life's work as a consultant reflects an interest in the broader world of business. He has held many consulting positions. At the company from which he retired, Watson, Wyatt Worldwide, based in Arlington, VA, Jerry was named the National Practice Leader for Rewards and Recognition.

He also served as a member of the Reward Systems Committee of the White House Conference on Productivity and has testified before a House of Representatives Committee on the organizational performance link to rewards and possible tax code changes.

Upon retirement in 1999, he immersed himself in the dynamic St. Louis theatre scene. He served as Artistic Director for Muddy Waters Theatre, and as President of the Board at the Edison Theatre. "I've been involved with a number of non-profit organizations which tend to have great purposes but are not as strategically aligned as they could be. I thought I'd help them develop a strategic plan so they'd be able to follow my primary rule-under promise and over deliver." Jerry went on, "My observation is that STL Village has done a good job of following that."

Jerry is also working with an organization called Prison Performing Arts or PPA." I'm working with prisoners, helping them develop and perform their own shows for other offenders and the public." He spends the other half of his week at Washington University attending classes in theatre. "I've been involved in theatre for fifty years," he adds proudly.

For the third year in a row, Jerry is hosting a foreign student through the American Field Service. The current student is from India. Others were from Spain and Turkey. "I love kids," he offers. The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Lyda Krewson mayoral campaign claim even more of his busy life.

One of Jerry's favorite ways to relax is European travel. This summer, he spent three thrilling weeks in Turin, Italy, visiting his older son, Ryan, who is a classical music conductor. Closer to home, his younger son, Mitchell, is an undergraduate at the University of Missouri at St. Louis.
“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.”
- John Burroughs

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Interview with Village Volunteer Mary Kellogg    By Carolyn Roedel
STL Village Volunteer Mary Kellogg
Mary Kellogg

"Volunteering for the Village has extended the population of people Bob and I know. It has held a lot of surprises-unexpected consequences. It's a gift." That's how Mary Kellogg responds when asked about membership in STL Village. Then she adds, "I thought it sounded like a good idea. I liked the concept. Like insurance, membership in the Village enables me to pay it forward. Currently, Bob and I don't need services, but that could change."

In the late spring of 2016, STL Village, in conjunction with Oasis, sponsored a workshop titled, "A Matter of Balance." STL Village volunteers Mary Kellogg and Bev Foster facilitated. The purpose of the program was to address the issues of falling, as well as the fear of falling. Instructional videos were part of the information mix. Participants were invited to engage in low-intensity exercise to improve balance. Under Mary and Bev's guidance, conversation flowed freely. Ideas were offered at a rapid pace from audience members. Those who participated gained some confidence on their ability to remain on their feet.

Mary Kellogg, a North Dakotan, received a master's degree in Nursing, but found herself torn between the field of nursing and the field of computing. After much deliberation, Mary chose computing as her career path. "I wound up implementing computer systems for 35 years", she continued. "I enjoy working with people through software implementation." Frequent Flier miles made travel possible, but prevented her from making social commitments, except on weekends. One commitment she did make was marriage in 1993 to her husband, Bob Powers, a software programmer. Although she had a flourishing career and a new husband, she missed volunteering for worthy causes.

Upon retirement, Mary embraced volunteering. She enjoys her time as a docent at City Garden Sculpture Park and is looking forward to working at St. Patrick's Center in downtown St. Louis this year.

She and Bob also join forces through their work with microfinancing partners in Africa. And as members of the St. Francis Xavier (College Church) community in midtown, they have spent the last five years as Ignatian Volunteers, a Jesuit-run charity, named after the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola. She averages 15 or 16 hours a week for nine or ten months a year.

In her "spare time" Mary enjoys reading and crafts. She has taken up sewing again and meets with a group of craft-minded women every Friday afternoon at the Spirited Hand studio.
“Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.”
- Gillian Anderson

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