Frequently Asked Questions

Who started STL Village?

In 2012, a group of friends from the Central West End neighborhood formed an exploratory committee to bring the Village model to St. Louis. We researched other successful villages, held open houses with area residents and developed a business plan. In fall 2013, we became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and began serving members in June 2014.

Who can become a member?

There are two levels of membership:

  • Full membership is open to adults age 50+ who live within our service area of Page Boulevard to Clayton Avenue, Vandeventer Boulevard to Big Bend. Full members have access to all of our services including in-home support, transportation to appointments as needed, social activities, and our list of preferred providers. Full members are also welcome to become a Village volunteer assisting other members or may work with other members on one of the many community-wide service projects we are involved in. (See our map for the Full membership services area).
  • Associate membership is open to adults 50+ living anywhere in the St. Louis area. Associate members enjoy access to all STL Village activities, our preferred providers list, and may also participate as a volunteer.
Can I buy a membership for my parents?

Yes! STL Village can be a good option for adult children who want to help their parents remain as independent as possible while staying in their home. After browsing our website, give us a call at 314-240-5020 and we can discuss any questions you may have.

I don’t need support services now. Why should I join?

Not all members will need the same types or amount of services, but members can have peace of mind knowing they have a trusted source to turn to for information and assistance whenever they need it. We encourage adults in our service area to join as a full member to help us fully fund our operations. Village members have commented:

“I’m paying it forward so the Village is there when I do need services.”

“The social aspect of the Village is why I joined. I have made many wonderful friends and there is always something new to do.”

Being connected through social activities is a benefit all members can enjoy ~ our monthly calendar has something for everyone. And all members have access to our referral network of discounted service providers. Anyone age 50 and over is welcome to join at the associate level; those living in our service area may join at either level and can switch at any time.

Are members required to volunteer?

Members are not required to volunteer, but it is one of the special benefits of the Village. There are many ways to share your interests and help other members through volunteering, if you choose.

“I drive my neighbor to the grocery store once a week. We both enjoy our time together and even share recipes. I look forward to it.”

We welcome volunteers of all ages who want to be involved in helping their neighbors live independently. All volunteers, including members, are background-checked and trained before working with our STL Village members.

Does STL Village provide in-home nursing care?

STL Village does not provide nursing care but can refer members to home healthcare services through our partnership with other agencies.